Italy vs Ireland EURO 2012 Prediction Scores

Prediction of Ireland vs Italy Euro 2012 - Italy vs Ireland Predictions June 19, 2012 - Predictions Italy vs Ireland June 19, 2012. Italy vs Ireland is the last game LIVE 01.45WIB C group stage.

Italy must win at this game if you want to get away, hoping the Croatia vs Spain is not a 2-2 or more.

The situation was somewhat traumatic for Gli Azzurri contain. The reason this situation has also been experienced by Italy at EURO 2004. At that time Italy won, but it should be eliminated because the other match, Sweden and Denmark ended with the score 2-2. Italy certainly do not want a similar incident happening again this year.

Ireland itself open a formidable team. Ireland is now enlisting them as a team with the worst goal difference in the EURO 2012 with an insert and 7 conceded. Two defeats in previous laag make Ireland is no longer possible to escape.

EXH June 8, 2011 Italy 0-2 Ireland
WCQ October 11, 2009 Ireland 2-2 Italy
WCQ April 2, 2009 Italy 1-1 Ireland

Last Five Matches Italy
EURO June 14, 2012 Italy 1 -1 Croatia
EURO June 10, 2012 Spain 1-1 Italy
EXH June 2, 2012 Italy 0-3 Russia
EXH March 1, 2012 Italy 0-1 United States
EXH November 16, 2011 Italy 0-1 Uruguay

Last Five Match Ireland
EURO June 15, 2012 Spain 4-0 Ireland
EURO June 11, 2012 Ireland 1-3 Croatia
EXH June 5, 2012 Hungary 0-0 Ireland
EXH May 26, 2012 Ireland 1-0 Bosnia
EXH March 1, 2012 Ireland 1-1 Czech Republic

Predicted line-ups:
ITALY: Buffon, Maggio, Bonucci, Barzagli, Chiellini, De Rossi, Marchisio, Pirlo, Giaccherini, Di Natale, Cassano
REP. IRELAND: Given, O'Shea, Dunne, St Ledger, Ward, Duff, Andrews, Whelan, McGeady, Keane, Long

Prediction score game Italy vs Ireland:

Italy 2-0 Ireland
Predicted by FBC
 June 19, 2012 01.45WIB

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